Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins is a constructionist educator operating as the co-founder and managing director of Wonderful Idea Company, an innovative design company that develops learning materials, environments and resources. His workshops make use of a wide range of materials including unusual electronics, programmable microcontrollers, physical wood/wire mechanisms, light and shadow elements and sound installations. In his work, Ryan strives to plant the seeds for others to explore a tinkering-based education philosophy by organizing professional development workshops, giving keynote talks on the value of making and tinkering, mentoring emerging educators and creating written guides and resources for experimental projects.Previously Ryan was a founding member of the Tinkering Studio, a maker space at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California where visitors can experiment with real tools, materials and phenomena. Over the past year and a half Ryan has led tinkering workshops online with partners like Tinkering School in San Francisco and Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in the UK.

It looks like fun but is it learning? The Maker Movement and formal high school education