TOK: this is what 21st century learning looks like

Despite all the talk about needing to train our students for an uncertain future, offer skills-based curriculums, and make learning fit for the 21st century, the vast majority of young people around the world still suffer within antiquated, poorly thought-out, and utterly uninspiring education systems that are designed more to collect statistics that create stakeholders.

In contrast, the theory of knowledge course offers a glimpse into what a great high school course can really be, when antiquated assessment tasks are removed, content is centred on authentic events and issues, and skills-development is based on helping young people navigate in the real world.

This webinar will look at what a well-designed TOK course looks like, the learning units that lead to genuinely life-changing outcomes, and the features of a great TOK lesson. It will also consider how to infuse a TOK approach throughout the DP – and beyond.