There is more to life than teaching!

So you are a great high school teacher! You love doing what you do and you do it pretty well. So what is more important than teaching? Understanding learning! If we master the skills that guarantee that students learn, we can increase motivation, self efficacy, task performance and attainment. We can become even better teachers! When I started teaching I carried some pride in being a subject specialist. Somewhere in my journey that changed and I became more focussed on becoming a learning specialist. How does learning happen most effectively and where should we put our time and effort to make it happen? According to John Hattie’s significant meta study, we now have a list that tells us EXACTLY what we can do.

In this Webinar we will consider some of Hattie’s findings that he wrote about in his Visible Learning books (2009, 2012, 2017). Then we are going to take a deep dive into five interventions that help teachers to impact student learning the most. These include, conceptual change programs, self reported grades, cognitive task analysis, meta cognitive strategies, classroom discussion, and concept mapping. We will also consider recommendations made by the Education Endowment Foundation (2020) about whole school approaches to Metacognition and make a connection to Hattie’s highest effect, collective teacher efficacy. I will be using some examples from my Economics class room but these strategies are transferable across all subjects.