Rethinking Class Discussion to Empower Every Voice

This interactive presentation explores how educators can leverage technology to create a safe learning environment where all students feel empowered to contribute to class discussion in a style and format that feels most comfortable to them. With the right tech tools, we can help learners build new levels of confidence and open up communication channels for students to express themselves in ways they may not have been able to otherwise. This session will highlight how simple web apps — like Flipgrid and Pear Deck — can help teachers give every student a platform to make their ideas seen and heard.

This interactive session will focus on using technology to address the following questions:

How can teachers actively engage all learners in class discussion?
How can teachers give all students the opportunity to share their thoughts, including the introverts and those who need time to process before responding?
How can teachers foster a peer-to-peer learning culture where all ideas are represented and discussed?