Mindfulness: A Pedagogical Tool

This session supports educators and school leaders to implement mindful practices within their own lives to then include in their pedagogical settings. We will begin with a short meditative practice led by Stephanie Joyce, certified yoga and meditation instructor, followed by a panel discussion by educators, program leaders, and mindfulness experts and conclude with a collaborative forum in which to share expertise and globalized tools across our many sites. Participants will walk away feeling refreshed and energized equipped with tangible tools they can take to their school settings whether online or in person.

I will let my students’ testimonials speak for themselves on the value of incorporating mindfulness into your daily lives and introducing these powerful tools to students at a young age. You name it, mindfulness supports it.

11th grade observations May 2021

* In-person and remote student reflections*

“It was really great to have this experience. I will meditate in my future.”

“I’m going to carry on with meditating at least once a week. It has really helped me ground myself even on days where everything felt very messy.”

“It’s important to know where your mental state is at and replenish it.”

“I learned how to calm down from stress in the span of ten minutes and to avoid being distracted by my phone.”

“I really enjoy that you take time to relax at the start of the periods. I haven’t experienced that before, and it really helps me focus during class.”

“Doing guided meditation at the beginning of each class is very helpful nowadays. In the beginning, it was confusing what meditation can do with English class. It was more like a quick nap time. But later on, even that quick nap was better than not having any. When I have some energy that day and actually follow the meditation, I find myself refreshed. The best part of it is when I reopen my eyes and the world seems clearer and more vivid. So, I enjoy meditating every class to recharge or refresh myself!”

Like any skill, the road to mastery is one of consistent practice, open-mindedness, and authenticity. Martin West, Harvard Professor, found that “mindfulness instruction helped boost students’ attention skills, as well as develop coping mechanisms for stress. The authors maintain that this kind of evidence could be especially useful in efforts to support students suffering from trauma and other adversities that trigger stress in the body, hurting students’ ability to succeed” wrote Grace Tatter from the Harvard School of Education “Usable Knowledge” blog for educators (with embedded toolkits and resources for the classroom!). https://www.gse.harvard.edu/news/uk/19/01/making-time-mindfulness

Join Gabriela Deambrosio to learn more about the positive impacts of Mindfulness in the classroom.