Leveraging technology to create challenging learning experiences in mathematics class

Can you recall the feeling of working through a difficult puzzle, getting stuck, and then finally figuring it out? Ideally, this is how my students feel in mathematics class on most days. However, there are many logistical challenges that get in my way of preparing such an experience for all my students. My class is bound by the constraints of pacing while my students come from a variety of backgrounds and learn at their own speeds. I need to ensure that the challenge provided is equitable and meaningfully but not crushingly difficult for each student. I need to carefully balance the scaffolding that I provide so that students can struggle and make connections, get support when they need it, and are provided with positive feedback when they are successful. Finally, I want my students to take increasing ownership and control over their learning and stop relying on me to curate all their experiences. In this session, I will present ideas and examples of how I use technology to overcome these logistical issues to create and facilitate challenging learning experiences for my students.