2021 Educational Leadership – 21st C Skills and the All Blacks. A model of training in resilience, critical thinking, principled judgement and the development of evidence based arguments

The rise of uninformed global leadership combined with unfettered social media proliferation in the last 12 months has clearly demonstrated the need for a model of training for all school students worldwide in the cognitive and affective skills they need to help them cope with the disaster they find themselves in and make sense of an increasingly polarized world.

  • resilience, self-motivation and courage
  • critical thinking and critical media analysis
  • developing principle-founded and evidence-based arguments
  • social media identity and security

If we cannot learn lessons from Covid and the different responses to it then, as George Santayana pointed out, we are doomed to repeat them. First we must teach all our students how to cope, how to be resilient, generate courage and maintain self- motivation. Then we need to focus on models of leadership that include decision making based on critical analysis and the development of principle and evidence based arguments. To achieve that teachers, school administrators and all education leaders today must start leading by example by demonstrating these skills and by implementing training for all their students in how to analyse responses to Covid through these lenses and how to develop these critically important skills themselves.