Engage Awards

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Live Attendee Awards

When it comes to online events, we can sometimes miss out on the great connections we usually make when we come together in person.

To inspire you to connect with one another and to get the most out of the experience, we will have 5 amazing awards with great prizes!

Psst! Be sure to join the live sessions throughout the day for a chance to win a copy of one of our keynote speakers’ books! We will be selecting attendees at random throughout the day to win. See you there! 

Best Networker

This award goes to the attendee that makes the most connections on Feb 10th. Make sure to make the most of this wonderful opportunity to grow your professional network.

Most Active

This award goes to the attendee that joins the most sessions, chats, partner visits and engagement overall on Feb 10th. Be sure to make the most of the day!

Best Edtech Explorer

This award goes to the attendee that visits and interacts the most with Engage exhibitors on Feb 10th! On the day you will have quick access to many of the leading education and edtech companies and specialists. Now is the perfect time to ask all your questions!

Most Social

This award goes to the attendee who is the most active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook using the hashtag #ENGAGEbyKognity

Most Engaged

Did you know the Engage platform stays open until May 1st? This award will go to the attendee who is the most engaged from February 10th up until May 1st. After Engage, enjoy all the sessions and keep networking for even more PD.

Kognity Educator Awards

At Engage 2022 we will award teachers and administrators that have made extraordinary contributions at a small or global scale in the educator community.


Cast your vote today and nominate the ones that you think deserve recognition!


Innovator of the Year

This educator brings creativity to their teaching practice in an inspirational way.

Administrator of the Year

This administrator supports your school in a dedicated and meaningful way.