Our Mission

Schools and educators have been pushed into transformation fast, but this year you’re ready to thrive! This is why we’re gathering thousands of educators from around the globe to share experiences, ideas, knowledge and tips on how to engage your students and improve learning, whether you’re in the classroom, distance learning, or somewhere in between.

Engage is the melting pot where teachers around the world at every stage of their career can share their enthusiasm and ideas. It’s the place where everybody gets to listen in,  laugh and learn. 

What do I get? 

Engage is the number one virtual event and learning platform for educators. It opens on February 4th with a bang and keeps on giving until May 1st. How? 

On February 4th Engage opens the doors to over 35 sessions, workshops and live activities across all timezones. You can create your perfect day depending on what timezone you are in and what you want to learn and discuss. You can also pop in and out of the conference and join whatever live sessions are happening at that time. You can also attend training and sessions from our exhibitors, such as Microsoft Teams and Padlet.

During this day you will get inspired by world-class speakers like George Couros, Vicki Davis, Monica Burns and Eric Sheninger. You will get engaged in interactive workshops and blown away by the network that you will build during this day with the help of smart features in the event platform.

From February 5 you still have access to recordings of ALL the sessions! So you have easy access to L&D all the way up until summer time!

Who is behind Engage?

Engage is an event created by Kognity, the leading learning platform international schools. Thousands of teachers in 106 countries are using Kognity to improve learning and save time. We’re a Swedish edtech company that develops high-quality interactive content and time-saving features for teachers. Working towards our vision “To radically improve learning for all 1.5 billion students across the globe” we wanted to create a place for educators to meet, grow, share ideas and get inspired.

This conference is a place where we help each other to stay engaged, and to better engage our students! 

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