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Virtual Conference – February 10th, 2022

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Highlights from Engage by Kognity 2022

Keynote Speakers

Rangina Hamidi
Activist and former Minister of Education

The foundation for progress: An educator’s role in shaping society

Rangina Hamidi was born in Kandahar, Afghanistan and for two decades, Ms. Hamidi worked tirelessly to better the lives of Afghan citizens through development projects, advocacy, and, most importantly, education. She was a teacher and school administrator, then became the Minister of Education of Afghanistan.

Jennifer Gonzalez
The Cult of Pedagogy

The 4 Laws of Learning

Jennifer Gonzalez is a National Board Certified Teacher with over 10 years of classroom experience. In 2013, she created the website Cult of Pedagogy, where she now works full-time to help teachers of all subjects and grade levels practice and perfect the art of teaching.

George Couros
The Innovator’s Mindset

Embracing the Core of Innovative Teaching: Learning Now and Moving Forward

George Couros is a leading educator in the area of innovative leadership, teaching, and learning, and the author of The Innovator’s Mindset and Innovate Inside the Box. He has been a teacher, technology facilitator and a school and district administrator for over twenty years and works with schools and organizations around the globe.

Tyler Tarver
Dean of NLC College, TikToker & Author

3 Keys to Authentic Leadership

Tyler Tarver, Ed.S.Loves helping teachers and is currently the Dean of NLC College. He has over 33 million views and 205k subscribers across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. He has written 4 books (The Baller Teacher Playbook), hosts multiple podcasts, has his superintendent certification, and is a doctoral candidate in educational leadership at Harding University.

Monica Burns

Strategies to Support Students as they
Create Products of Learning

Dr. Monica Burns started her career in education as a classroom teacher in New York City, and now she works with educators across the world and reaches thousands of readers through her many books, website, podcast, and social media accounts all about edtech.  

Monica’s mission is to help educators place the tasks before apps and promote deeper learning with technology.

What sessions are you most excited for? 

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Embracing the Core of Innovative Teaching and Learning Now and Moving Forward


How do we embrace the “Innovator’s Mindset” when innovation is no longer optional, but necessary for all learners? Together we will deepen and push our thinking to create an environment within education to develop our students as the leaders of not only tomorrow but give our students opportunities to make an impact on the world today.

George Couros

The 4 Laws of Learning


This session explores four rock-solid truths backed by research on how people learn. These laws apply to every subject area and grade level, and if you follow them when planning lessons, you’ll be a lot more likely to make some real learning happen for students.


 Jennifer Gonzalez

3 Keys to Authentic Leadership


Leading and teaching in 2022 is hard. How can we make an impact on those we teach while still improving ourselves? We’re going to talk about how we can develop the culture we want, enhance our leadership, and accomplish more in less time in the virtual world!

Tyler Tarver


Strategies to Support Students as they Create Products of Learning


Students create in both big and small ways throughout the school year. In this session, we will examine how to support students as creators of content. We will look at how to develop the supporting resources necessary for everyday artifacts of student learning as well as for larger independent and collaborative projects.

Monica Burns

Rethinking Class Discussion to Empower Every Voice

This interactive presentation explores how educators can leverage technology to create a safe learning environment where all students feel empowered to contribute to class discussion in a style and format that feels most comfortable to them.

 Stacey Roshan

Focusing on the why – Teaching students to make decisions in math


 We will explore concrete ideas and examples for teaching students to recognize decision making points and to practice figuring out and communicating why they are applying specific math techniques.

Anna Solovyev

Welcome to Kognity

This session welcomes you to the Kognity platform through an introduction to the fully aligned IBDP and IGCSE intelligent textbooks for teachers and students. We will take a look at the interactive resources and practice centre, dive into reading, question and exam assignments, and touch on data driven instruction through the statistics feature.


Sasha Levitt

Appreciative Inquiry


 Appreciative inquiry is a valuable toolbox to create meaningful change driven in our schools. In this webinar we will examine how we can identify the strengths in our schools, and use those to meet our mission and vision.


Jen Olmsted

How to Use Technology to Assess Students and Pivot Instruction

This session will cover strategies for collecting and analyzing data so educators can take action through instructional pivots and interventions. We will focus on formative assessment and how to check for understanding before, during, and after instruction.

Monica Burns

Creating the Future-Driven Classroom and School

In this session, participants will learn 5 critical elements of any classroom, or school, seeking to better prepare students for an unpredictable future. The world is more complex and uncertain than ever before. Every educator plays a role in adapting to change and contributing to positive change.

David Geurin

Improving Metacognition

Helping students understand how they learn is key to improving student outcomes. Our challenge is to place our students at the centre of their learning – but how do we do that? In this webinar, we will explore a range of strategies to help students develop metacognition, and use it to empower them as learners.


Jen Olmsted

Approaching Sustainability Through the IBDP Core


At present there is no one place that the issue of Sustainability is dealt with in the iB Diploma. What we would like to do is advocate for the Core of the IB Diploma being a vehicle for all of the students doing the IB to be exposed to the concept.


John Cannings    Alex Catallo

21st Century Learners: Agentic and Lifelong Learners


This session will explore the value of creating a learning environment that supports agency to promote lifelong learning. This learning environment is grounded on best practices such as goal-setting, reflection and self- efficacy, teaching of self-management skills, reframing the concept of failure and design thinking.

Michael Ryan Bulosan

The Classroom Starts with Culture


Are your students not as engaged as you would like them to be? Could you use a few strategies to further engage your students within the classroom setting? This session provides practical ways to establish and maintain culture using energizers/brain breaks, anecdotes, examples and protocols.

Andre Daughty

Why Gender Equality in STEM is a pre-requisite of gender equality in the future


Equipping and empowering girls to shape their world with technology is the single most important thing we can do for a gender equal future. Once these girls becomes women in technology, they will create new products and new markets that would otherwise go undiscovered and will solve problems our technologies currently fail to address.

Dora Palfi

Data driven instruction with Kognity

In this session, we will learn about the efficacy and benefits of data-driven instruction for more targeted pedagogy, assessment and feedback in the classroom. We will then dive into how to effectively use Kognity statistics to inform your teaching and learning.


Sasha Levitt

Mindfulness: A Pedagogical Tool

This session supports educators and school leaders to implement mindful practices within their own lives to then include in their pedagogical settings. We will begin with a short meditative practice led by Stephanie Joyce, certified yoga and meditation instructor, followed by a panel discussion by educators, program leaders, and mindfulness experts and concluded with a collaborative forum in which to share expertise and globalized tools across our many sites.

Gabriela D’Ambrosio

Executive Functioning is a Superpower

This session defines Executive Functioning and demonstrates actionable strategies to include in daily pedagogies to enhance student performance across age groups and disciplines. Dr. Thomas E. Brown argues there are six categories of Executive Functioning: “activation, focus, effort, emotional-regulation, memory, and action.”

Gabriela D’Ambrosio

Bridging Pedagogy and Practice with Cambridge IGCSE

IGCSE learners develop 21st century competencies through rigorous curriculum standards that prepare them for academic and future success. This session will highlight how Kognity supports schools in bringing these competencies into the classroom through our innovative digital platform.

Sasha Levitt

Edible Education Nourishes the Whole Child

Few things capture students’ interest more than food. It has the potential to engage all of their senses and link these senses to curriculum. Food turns gardens, kitchens and cafeterias into classrooms. By design, Edible Education is integrated into curricular lessons of all types and focuses on concepts of organic principles, circular economy, systems thinking and sustainable choices.

Sandra Carden

Linking IBDP pedagogical approaches with digital learning

IBDP learners develop global competencies for academic and professional success through effective approaches to teaching and learning (ATL). This session will highlight how Kognity supports schools in bringing ATL skills into the classroom through our innovative digital platform.

Sasha Levitt

The Equity Cycle: Anti-Racist, Diverse and Inclusive Digital Education

This session takes an intro look at bias and anti-racist education and asks the audience to not only understand some of these concepts, but takes a practical look into how can a teacher make his/her/their classrooms more inclusive, open, brave and diverse.

Dr. Desiree Alexander

Social Learning: Designing for collaboration through playful ed tech tools

How do we as educators make the most of social learning, and how can we leverage technology to craft collaborative experiences that are engaging and sticky? There are lots of ed tech tools that let students work together, but it takes thoughtful learning design and an understanding of the pedagogy of collaboration to integrate meaningful social connection into our teaching.

Louisa Rosenheck

Acknowledging grades for what they are: a major distraction from learning

Let’s face it, grades are arguably the biggest distraction from genuine learning and growth in the classroom. So what can we do about it? In this webinar, we will unpack the utility of grading practices in international schools, articulating their place in the current educational framework.


John Patton

No 'new normal': Engaging Learners with What We’ve Learned

Student creativity, agency, and media engagement skills will be addressed with examples of practical application. Technology exemplified in this session is considered a tool of, rather than a foundation for, learning. Grounded in developing skills, student (and teacher) agency, creativity, self-expression, storytelling, and action form the heart of this session.

Nate Gildart

What is 'critical' about critical thinking?

Most schools promote ‘critical thinking’; most teachers say they encourage it. Most schools, most teachers, do quite the opposite, and actually enforce closed-minded thinking. This discussion will discuss why this is, how it happens, what we can do about it, and why it is the only thing we should be concerned about.

David Spooner

Supporting the whole student with Microsoft Teams Education Insights Level 200


Microsoft Teams Education Insights supports educators in building a classroom environment that recognizes the whole student, every student, and saves you time in planning, giving feedback to students, and providing help where needed.


Miguel Mojica

Teaching with Minecraft: Education Edition Training Agenda (Level 100)


Minecraft: Education Edition is a game-based learning platform that builds skills, unleashes creativity, and engages students in collaboration and problem-solving. This course shows how to navigate in Minecraft and access a wide range of lessons plans, mapped to grade level and curriculum standards in a variety of subjects.

Miguel Mojica

Developing resilience through teaching resilience


Teachers and students are both suffering in our present post-pandemic world. This session will demonstrate several practical classroom strategies and give attendees access to resources for helping students and helping themselves to generate more ‘inner strength’ and move confidently and positively into our shared future.


  Lance King

Language Equity: Redefining our Language Learning Practices to Empower Multilinguals


Session participants will connect as language educators with the experiences of our students as language learners, explore translanguaging approaches that promote language equity and hear student voices who have been empowered by valuing language equity in their learning experiences.

Ceci Gomez-Galvez


Mission Driven Learning: ASD’s Change-maker Education Story in Cultivating Contributors


What is a school if not the living example of its mission? In this workshop, Laurence Myers shares the story of the Change-maker Education Program at the American School of Dubai in its quest to cultivate contributors “in a rapidly changing world”.

Laurence Myers

Teaching to NGSS with Immersive Technology


Learn about how virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 360 degree and 3D images and videos, head mounted displays, and other forms of immersive technology can be incorporated into standards-based science lessons.

Julie Willcott

It looks like fun but is it learning? The Maker Movement and formal high school education

 This workshop will examine the rise of the Maker movement and its applicability to modern education.  Rooted in the fusion of affordable new technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, computing with good old fashioned hands-on tools, making and tinkering has redefined STEAM education for  the 21 st century.

John Riley     Ryan Jenkins

NGSS for School Leaders


This workshop will include a blend of authentic NGSS inquiry-based learning and strategies for supporting science teaching and learning by reflecting through the lens of a leader. Dive into what to look for in an NGSS classroom, what an implementation plan might look like, and how to support teachers and schools as they embark on this journey.

Lauren Bowers

Inquiry-Based 3D NGSS Science in the Secondary Science Classroom


This workshop will be an introductory workshop on 3D inquiry-based science instruction. Teachers will learn how to use the science inquiry cycle to drive instruction. Teachers will gain an understanding of how to authentically and explicitly teach all three dimensions (Crosscutting Concepts, Science & Engineering Practices, and Disciplinary Core Ideas)

Lauren Bowers

Leading Instruction Through The Lens of the NGSS Crosscutting Concepts


This is an introductory workshop on the implementation of the NGSS Crosscutting Concepts into daily science learning experiences for students. Teachers will learn how to drive instruction through the lens of the Crosscutting Concepts. Lauren partnered with Paul Andersen to design scaffolded CCC mini lessons that are easy to implement in the classroom.

Lauren Bowers

Effective coaching strategies to help young people discover their purpose

‘Have you thought about what you want to do after high school?’ ‘What sort of career do you want to pursue?’ I am sure that nearly all of us have received or offered these questions at some point in our educational history. For young people today, these questions can be intimidating, overwhelming, or downright confusing.


John Patton

Creative Coding in Python with imagiLabs: a social, game-like and gender inclusive learning experience

In this interactive session you will get an introduction to imagiLabs’ creative coding in Python tools and curriculum and will have the opportunity for a hands on coding experience as well.

Dora Palfi

Engage by Kognity

February 10th, 2022

Engage virtual conference brings the global educator community together again to share perspectives and ideas to improve learning. Join discussions, roundtables and workshops to elevate your everyday teaching practices, and get inspired by world-class speakers, who will bring innovative ideas, case studies and best practices in bridging pedagogy and technology.

Let’s bridge pedagogy and technology, together.


Share and learn in a global educator community! A world of perspectives and ideas are now more accessible than ever. At Engage by Kognity, thousands of teachers worldwide share best practices and experiences by joining in on roundtables and workshops.


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